5 Best Practices for Hosting Your Potluck

We love great food. We love being with friends and family. Hosting a potluck is the best way to do both at the same time. When you are looking to host, there are 5 best practices to follow. This will ensure you and your guest have a great, stress-free time.

Invite a Bunch of Friends.

Invite a Bunch of Friends. Because you’re not responsible for the monetary and time expenditures of a regular dinner party, invite lots of people. Potlucks are a great way to mix groups of friends, or to introduce someone new to the crowd. Imagine your mom or sister meeting your new friends for the first time. This is a great way to have people meet and greet.

Use Paper.

Use Paper. Potlucks are parties, and when we host big parties, we like to use paper plates. This way, everyone can share in the very short clean up. When everyone is done, you can just throw away or recycle all the paper materials you used. We’ll usually use a couple real forks, spoons, and knifes for serving. Plates, as well as cups, forks, and knives can all be paper or plastic. This will save you tons of time cleaning up dishes and silverware.

Drink Up.

This depends a lot on the type of party you’re hosting, but it’s best to split the booze duties amongst a few. Ask those friends that have good taste in their drinks to be in charge of getting booze for all. If you’re having a brunch, delegate sparkling wine to some and OJ to others; the result is potluck mimosas. For dinner, you can simply ask a couple friends to bring wine and beer. Keep it simple as many people have different tastes with booze while they are eating and socializing.

Divide and Conquer.

Though it’s sometimes nice to have a potluck be a free for all, you can create a more predictable menu when tasks are assigned. Ask one person to bring hummus or another caprese skewers for appetizers. For the main course, you’ll want to have at least one pasta or grain salad, plus a dressed-up green salad. One or two people can bring a vegetable dish. Have one guest make something heartier, as long as there’s an oven to warm it up–a casserole or a Chicken Pot Pie.

Have Dessert.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure someone arrives with dessert! Cookies or brownies are key, and cupcakes are always winners. Single serveng desserts make it easy for clean-up and leftovers. Go safe with flavors that most people know well such as chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and frosted cupcakes.

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