Top Potluck Etiquette

Potluck gatherings are a great, fun way to get friends and family together. The greatest part about a potluck is that the stress of hosting the party does not fall on just one person. Of course, the people hosting will need to get their home ready, have dishes, etc. BUT the major responsibility of having food and beverages falls on all who attend. In essence, it is a shared event.

As many times in shared events and responsibilities, it is important to take into consideration etiquette rules. These rules exist so all can have fun and share equally in the responsibility of the potluck. If you are the host or an guest, these etiquette rules will help you understand your role to ensure that all have a great time at the more

5 Best Practices for Hosting Your Potluck

We love great food. We love being with friends and family. Hosting a potluck is the best way to do both at the same time. When you are looking to host, there are 5 best practices to follow. This will ensure you and your guest have a great, stress-free more

The Quickest Potluck Pleasers

Potlucks can be a great time to plan and invest a great deal of time in creating your ideal dish. Whether it’s baking your grandma’s favorite roasted pork dish to your great aunt’s oh so sweet dessert, a potluck can be a great time to make your favorites..... read more

March Madness Potlucks

It’s that time of year again. Time for the best tournament of the season, the NCAA basketball tourney. The weeks of games across the country inspire watching parties and gatherings of all types. This is also a perfect time to have a March Madness potluck. You can gather your friends together and organize a potluck that is sure to be a tournament favorite. Here are some recipes that are surefire hits for all that attend your more

Spring Into Potluck Season

The sun is coming out more, the trees and plants are blooming and that also means…summer potlucks! When the weather warms up people want to get outside and get together. This is a great time to invite your family and friends to a spring potluck. When planning for an outdoor, warm-weather potluck, think about dishes that are lighter and can get warm and not spoil. These recipes are guaranteed to be giant hits at your next outdoor more